Kitty Powers' Love Life App Reviews

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I have a few suggestions to make it simple

I love the game, i can spend HOURS! playing it, but i think it should improve in some aspects 1- i have a total of 6 couples in my village, some of them ask for more help than others, i have couples that NEVER ask me for help, and when they ask for help around the house you gotta play a mini game, but for me every couple should i ask for your help at least twice a day, one to ask for help (mini game) and another to get to know their partner, because sometimes they want to get engaged or leave the city and they barely know anything about their partner, how am i supposed to know if they are methodical, spicy or something, if they never call me to help them, i always gotta guess base on their type, but sometimes i get it wrong and they fight 2- There’s should be an option to tell the person that wants to get married that they are not ready, maybe we can convince them playing a new mini game or something, with a limit of 3 strikes because as i said sometime they don’t know ANYTHING about their partner, so when i ignored them, they get angry and kitty takes points from me, sometimes i even schedule like 5 days later for them to get married or something and during those 5 days they never ask for my help!! 3- There’s should be an option to schedule 2 enemies to become friends again, like, once they are in a excellent mood , we can schedule a day where they can see each other and resolve their differences with a mini game


I love this game I do but I lost my money ((game money)) cuz my game went offline it went from 1950 to 129 which isn't alot for all the people in my village to do everything :( other then that I love the games and series highly recommend

Like the game but...

I love the game it self but I had it on another device and now it is making me pay for it again! If this is fixed somehow I would gladly give it 5 stars!

Fun, but a little confusing

While this game is VERY fun and addicting, but it is a little bit confusing at first.


I love the game! I've seen so many people on YouTube and today I finally bought it! When I pressed the app I make it to the part where you see kitty in her fabulous pink outfit, I press play and then the screen goes black and throws me off. I was so disappointed I tried updating my iPod but it said I was up to date. Second time Reviewing, after those updates Nothing happened I'm still having the same result, Third Time reviewing, I NEED ANOTHER UPDATE! Or something! It won't let me play after I click play at the fab kitty outfit screen it throws me off! 😢 please update ANOTHER UPDATE PLZ It's my birthday this Sunday and I would really like to play this game!!! Could you add a lag reduce setting option on the open screen with kitty powers? The lag reducer can take out the moving heart shaped clouds in the background of the loading screen and a lot of other very laggy things inside the game. I would really appreciate it! Thank you for reading! (For like the 8th time) ANOTHER REVIEW: I'VE HAD IT!!! My rating will go all the way down to 1 star if you don't figure out a way to fix this!! I understand it takes time and effort but this is my 9th or 10th review and it still lags me off once I get the to heart shaped cloud loading screen! PLEASE FIX THIS OR MY RATING WILL BECOME A 1!!


I love this game! However, I was just playing it and I was at the cutscene that happens on every Monday, where you receive money (which I desperately needed, I have 0 coins). My app crashed, I restarted it and went back in. It was the next Monday. No. Money. This is especially frustrating because I was going to get at least 1,200+ coins and now I can’t fix the “job” problems and buy the recruitment center.

Just plain weird!

I really wish I didn't buy this game. I thought it was going to be like another building your world game, but this game asked you for your birthday if you like guys or girls, just some very personal questions. Then the game play is weird. You have to watch couples in their homes. If they have a "problem" you step in and give advice or something like or else they that. They go to work and come home. Have a problem and you try to solve it. 30 minutes into it and I was done! Not my cup of tea! Very strange! The art needs some tune ups as well! There aren't many selections for your character and the designs are terrible. It looks like the character is always slouching and not a lot of options for the face. Terrible characters! Love all the pink but could do without the strange personal questions and watching over other couples. I can not give anymore stars for this game.

Literal Waste of Money

The game doesn't even work I'm sorry to say. I can't even get past the start menu and that's sad. I bet the game is great but that doesn't change the fact i paid five bucks for essentially nothing.


I am a fan of the other game and saw this one so I thought I would buy it, I paid for it and tried to download it but it won't let me I've tried for a week. Someone give advice

Love it, but do have a few issues

Unlike some I suppose, I knew what I was getting into here. I love matchmaker and play it as my time-wasting game, and I love having this one on my phone to waste time. That said, it would be nice knowing what jobs for the interviews are good for certain types, or have the negatives to your rep happen before the positives. There’s nothing quite as disheartening as getting 93+ to a rep, then getting 22- that brings down the rep. I hope updates continue to happen here!

Can't even reach the tutorial level...

I wanted to play this game when I first heard about it and just bought it today... However, the furthest I was able to get was the beginning where I had to put in my information. It kept crashing the app, forcing me to start over every time I tried to type in my name. It's pretty unfortunate that I can't even play the game without it going so slow that it crashes. I tried resetting my iPad and constantly going back into the app. I even tried closing an app I already had opened and was met with the same problem every time! I don't know if it's a bug, glitch, or memory problem but if it can be fixed, please do so. I would like to be able to play the game.


There’s a hilarious problem with the guy who works at the transportation hub. When he’s about to leave, his head turns away from you and then when he starts walking away, it’s facing you again. It’s funny and creepy at the same time. Maybe fix that? All in all, it’s a fun game to play. Decent time killer and a fresh take on the Kitty Powers franchise.


I can't get passed the loading always takes me to my home screen. Is there anyway we can get a new build?

Love it but-

I l o v e this game!! There are a few bugs where my money won’t appear after Kitty visits or if I already made plans to propose the other one will act like it failed despite me having talked to the other person. Other than that I love this so much.

Can't get past the loading screen

I loved the initial matchmaking game and I was so excited when Love Life came out but the app doesn't go past the "checking cloud saves" loading screen! I am really curious about the game and want to play it, so if you could please fix this bug. I don't want to have wasted $5

Wish I Could Play

When I saw this game I was very excited to play considering I loved the first one. So I payed the $5 and instantly opened the app. However, I have yet to play it because it's forever stuck on the initial loading screen. All I've seen is "checking clod saves". No matter how many times I reinstall the app, I am stuck on this screen. Hopefully I can rate the app higher if the problem is fixed. Otherwise I wasted $5.

Stuck on Credits & Online Code

After finishing the game for a second time, I was stuck on the thanks for planting screen! Please fix. The online code for Kitty Powers Match Maker still refuses to work...


I bought the game and have waited 20 minutes for it to get past the loading screen. And it hasn’t it seems like a fun game but it’s not playable at the moment.

Can't even Play

I can't even open the app. I was very excited and looking forward to playing since I liked the first one but it was very disappointing.

I like it but...

I like it but I’m gonna have to delete and redownload because I’m stuck in a loop and I can’t stop it no matter how many times I open and close the app.

Good game but...

I like this game, the only thing is that the people in the village get problems to much. It's annoying because when you're trying to save a relationship but they each have like three problems it makes it impossible to win, and it doesn't seem very close to real life.

A few bugs but don’t believe the haters

I’ll admit there’s the few glitches. Two counts of the character I’m talking to in my office just being stuck after a session, and one count of seeing the numbers being pulled in blackjack 21 game, but otherwise awesome game! If you have the required compatibility, the game will not crash on you.

I'm Having Fun, But..

I wish I could get coins easier and faster. I’m unable to fix some of the things the couples want because I don’t have enough coins to buy the utilities to fix them. How do you unlock more of the places? I have two couples that have common interests but they can’t do them because the places are locked.


So I love your previous game and this one is downright awesome too. Sadly one part where I ask someone if they are having an affair, it freezes and doesn’t work until I go out and go back in. So I can never help him with his problem

Fun sequel!

Really enjoying the game, although I would recommend that new players try Matchmaker first to get an idea of what this is going to be like — it is a little quirky, but it feels like a very natural sequel to the first game. However, after starting my second village, my game has gotten permanently stuck at the loading screen. I’m not sure if this has to do with the recent update or not, but if you could fix it, I’d rate five stars! Thank you!

Love this game but don’t like it when you move cities

Now that i am past level 20 and moved to the new village I lost all the money and cannot locate the recruitment center or the salon to add to my town?? Please help.


I’ve been playing kitty powers matchmaker since it first came out, so I downloaded this game the day it came out on the App Store. At first, the game was a little slow and it was very hard to get money, but as you progress it becomes much easier and there are more things to do. The games so addictive and unique and I love it, it’s worth its cost.


it was fun but now i get to one point and it stops moving along with the story

Having an issue..

I absolutely love this game and I play it almost every day. I’ve been having an issue with getting the clients a new job. Right as the guy is about to decide if they can get the job or not, the game freezes! I really hope this issue will be fixed

Worst game ever

This game is a total rip off it is 5$ and it dose not work not like there are a lot of glitches 2 seconds into the game and it crashes. Plus I tried deleting it and installing it but it dose not work every time!

Won’t let me continue

Someone was having an affair and I tried to get them together and hey become a couple then it freezes on me....then I’m stuck in a loop. Please fix I love this game.


I love this game so much I gave it five stars even though there’s an issues, when I try to schedule appointments, sometimes the game freezes

Stuck on the Loading Screen

I really love this game but now I can’t move forward because everything I get these two married, It just stays on the loading screen and I can’t do anything about it. I tried to refresh it and that means I have to redo the marriage all over again and still get stuck in the loading screen

Crashes and bugs STILL

I really appreciate you updating this game and trying to fix the bugs but it's still not working. I've been trying over and over again every day trying to get passed the loading screen and it still crashes every time. This game seems like a lot of fun just like kitty powers match maker but I don't know because I can't play the game there's too much crashes and bugs! Thank you for your time of reading this review I appreciate it. If it's not too much trouble I would work on another update that fixes crashes. Thank you.

Don’t Deduct So Much

I do not think that you should deduct so much if you can not find out an answer because it is not very fair

Yaasss Kittens

Finally a bug fix. Now I can give the app a proper rating. 😻😻😻

WON'T LOAD!!!!!!

I just bought this game and can't get past the title screen without the game going out!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!

Great! Only one problem

Only problem I noticed is I don't see any way to move couples out of their home to a different home.

Like it, but-

Well, I do like it. I was a huge fan of the previous game and beat it multiple times. This game is quite fun too, and I do like it even though it does take some getting used to. But- it continually freezes up and has problems. Every time I restart the game it starts me back at the same place it was frozen at. I restarted my phone to attempt to fix it, and that didn’t help either. I finally uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but it froze a second time after I had to restart it. I don’t want to lose all my progress over and over, because the tutorial is quite lengthy and unskippable. Really hope you fix the bugs soon! It’s a fun game but I don’t want to keep having I start over and over.

Generally a good game...

... but I’ve been experiencing a bug in which the game will not continue in a situation, in which i will have to close the app. Otherwise, it is a pretty fun game.

One problem

I love this game but I just wish that you could buy coins. I would love to unlock a lot of things which will make the game more fun like the bar and lake but instead I have to play more and more and have to save the money which is understandable.


My game is stuck! It is paused as if it is time for an event, but no event is popping up. It’s too bad, because I was really enjoying it up to that point. Fix this and it would be 5 stars all the way. I love Kitty Powers.

Awesome game!

This is a great game just add more time to the bottle cap game.

Enjoyable but broken

I was enjoying the game but it bugged out at day 43 and I can’t proceed.

Needs work

I am love with your app kitty power matchmaker. But I just wasted $5 on your app that doesn't work for 1 minute not exaggerating.Please fix this I really want to play the app and see it work!

Glitches glitches everywhere

Love this game but for the price it should not glitch as much as it does. It glitches at one spot like a marriage for example so I have to exit the game and redo the whole day and it will just glitch at the marriage again. It is extremely annoying and I will NOT be restarting the whole game again.

I can’t play

I cannot play the game. I have been able to for the past few days. It says it is 5:00 on the game clock and I will stop. There’s a button and it says “what would you like help with” and I cannot continue further from there!! If there is anyway there’s a bug in the game I would love for it to be removed, because otherwise it’s a great game!

Addicting but glitchy

This game is ridiculously fun, but it paused out of no where. I had to delete and try redownloading. Super fun game, would be perfect without the glitch.

I can’t even open it

I had high hopes for this game, because I loved Matchmaker, but so far it’s been a dud. For $5, I expect it to work well. I got the game to stay open for a couple minutes, and so far the gameplay was... kinda boring (but I bet it gets better, nice graphics). But then it crashed itself, and now every time I try to open it, it just crashes immediately. A big disappointment thus far, but I’ll delete and redownload. Edit: redownloaded and still won’t open.

Keeps shutting down

I was really looking forward to this game forever. Now it won't even load, it freezes and turns off. So disappointed.

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